COVID-19 Vaccination Request Registration

    Request for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment – June 22, 2021
    The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) designated Huntsville Hospital as a COVID-19 vaccination site.

    We will use the schedule as follows using the individual’s last name:
    A–B (Arrive at 9:00 am)
    C–D (Arrive at 9:30 am)
    E–G (Arrive at 10:00 am)
    H–I (Arrive at 10:30 am)
    J–K (Arrive at 11:00 am)
    L–M (Arrive at 11:30 am)
    N–O (Arrive at 12:00 Noon)
    P–Q (Arrive at 12:30 pm)
    R–S (Arrive at 1:00 pm)
    T–U (Arrive at 1:30 pm)
    V–W (Arrive at 2:00 pm)
    X–Z (Arrive at 2:30 pm)

    ***NOTE – Students 12 and up require birth certificate as proof of age.

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