What We Do

Patricia Haley Charity is a 501(c)(3) number 81-2634607 nonprofit organization serving the community.

Our Mission: Patricia Haley Charity enhances the quality of life for cancer patients and people with disabilities. We provide financial assistance to families who are burdened with the staggering cost of cancer and disability, inspiring hope to those affected through early detection, education, resources and support services.

Diagnosed with Cancer or Disability, PHC can help you transition back into the Community. After treatment, we will help patients resume their lives by helping them receive assistance transitioning back into the workplace or school to obtain a GED, now that they are cancer free. Get help learning about the things needed to be successful – such as finding housing, setting up utilities, and arranging and getting support from others.

Services Include:

  • Counseling for any Cancer Patient going through Chemotherapy – Group Sessions Available
  • Assisting with insurance Co-Payments to cover the cost of Cancer Patient Doctor Visits, Chemotherapy, Targeted Treatments, and Medical Prescriptions* – Insurance reviews are available.
  • Providing FREE Items – Wigs, Nutritional Meal Replacement Shakes, and Adult Incontinence Products to any Cancer Patients within a certain income level* – Insurance reviews are available. During this time, due to COVID-19 our volunteers are delivering to cancer patients in need.
  • Assisting with Utility, Rent, and Housing and Job Placement Program for Cancer Patients
  • Serving Veterans Assisting with Utility, Rent, and Job Placement*
  • Serving Senior Citizens Assisting with Utility, Rent, and Job Placement*
  • Mommy, I Have Cancer Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • Counseling for Mental Illness
  • Food Bank Service* – Due to COVID-19, available by appointment only.
  • Handi-Ride Transportation Services to get Cancer Patients to doctor appointments*
  • Social worker and RN available upon request

*All services provided are subject to a financial needs review. Review covered and eligibility guidelines.

Mommy Has Cancer

Dad Has Cancer

Family Member Has Cancer

Partners & Volunteers
Help Drive Our Programs:
Together People Make
An Impact

With the right partners and volunteers, cancer patients
have a greater chance to reach their goals and that
is what we consider our win.

Can we count on you?

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